How to design a great landing page

Just like in real life, the first impression is significant online as well. As the users are being given more & more choices, they do not waste much time on poorly designed landing pages.

A user usually judges the perceived functionality and aesthetic beauty of a website in less than a second. Similarly, if a user does not find the landing page to be great, he/she will get out of it in less than a second. The following ideas will help you in designing a great landing page.

Give the Landing Page One Single Objective
Before you start working and investing your time in sharing, copy, and design inspiration, you must know what exactly the landing page’s goal or purpose is. The primary objective will guide you through the process of the entire design and make sure that as soon as you launch it, you will know whether the landing page will be successful or fail.

Know Your Customer
This is the second thing that you should ensure while building your landing page. Just the way you would want to know what you will get from this page, the audience would want the same thing from the page. In order to ensure that, you will have to design the landing page in a way that it speaks or interacts directly with the audience.

Use Enough Design, Don’t overdo it
You should design your landing page in a way that it stands out in the crowd. You will only have less than a second to grab the attention of the user. The design of your landing page should help it look different from all the other landing pages. And you can design without buying expensive software:

Focus on the User Experience and Use it to Convert Visitors to Customers
Once you have grabbed the attention of a user & convinced him/her to stay for more than a second, the actual work begins. You should think like a customer and find out what a potential customer would want from a landing page. The landing page should not waste the customer’s time and should engage the customer.

Build, Measure, Learn and Repeat
A fruitful and great landing page can be considered like one living organism. Learning and measuring from data is a very important way to make the most of the campaign. If your landing page has a low rate of conversions, then that could be for many reasons. But mainly it is because that your customers are not getting what they are searching for or consider valuable.

To summarize, a great design for a landing page will need the following five things.

  • A clear understanding of the objective
  • A precise knowledge of the ideal consumer
  • A unique and special design, which grabs attention
  • An enjoyable experience, which will make the users convert
  • The ability to measure and track the actions of the user.
  • A great landing page informs and delights.