How to Keep Your Brand Consistent Across Social Media

In an era where branding plays a decisive role in a company’s sales and revenue, consistency and safeguarding measures are of the essence. You might wonder – why is it so important to keep a brand image consistent? Consumers identify and associate feelings with your products based on logos, images, graphics and so forth. Hence maintaining consistency is key to maximize profits. If you’re running heavy promotions on social media, here are a few tips on how you can achieve a great level of consistency with your branding:

1. Pay Attention to Basic Design Elements
All social media platforms offer a ton of customization options. While you may end up creating a stunning promotion page, people often forget to fine-tune and maintain consistent branding colors, fonts, logos and other visual elements. No matter how unique or different your promotion may be from the last one, make it a habit to:

  • Maintain original branding color scheme.
  • Communicate your company’s mission statement or message.
  • Make sure all newly introduced visual and social signs are consistent with your previous work.

2. Employ a Familiar Language
All internet marketers know this fact – content is what drives traffic to your website or in this case, your social media page. Ask your writers to maintain the same tone and flow in everything that you put out. It’s important not to sound different in every other blog post – you may end up confusing your audience.

Also, adopting a completely different message might force search engines to take you further away from potential customers. Imagine writing a series about professional car washing services with relevant headers and titles and then switching to a completely click bait driven, aggressive writing style. Public opinion on your company is going to change in a matter of days.

3. Learn The Art Of Newsjacking Effectively
Interactions, light-hearted posts, comments – all brands enjoy these innocent pleasures of being part of a social network. But like in the movies, you can’t step out of character. You can’t post or comment on issues that are outside of your domain without carefully curating it. Every time you post something that is not useful or irrelevant, people will stop recognizing you as an authority in your business area.

Newsjacking is an art. Let’s understand this better with an example. Imagine you’re selling power generators: “Did Hurricane Katrina just affect your city? Time to install some generators!”

This is a great example of maintaining consistency on social media while staying relevant with current affairs at the same time.