How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

Do you have lots of bills that are being left unpaid? Are you always dreaming of taking a vacation in a beautiful part of the world? Wishing you could just buy the latest technology without worrying about the cost of it? Well, fear no more. You have good and valuable skills as a designer that do not have to be wasted. All you have to do is know where to look and correctly apply yourself to the field.

Sell Your Completed Work
Now, one thing you can do is cash in on what we call ‘unused’ files. Of course, not every single thing that you design will be adored by the clients. However, instead of letting all those things that you designed go to waste, you can earn money with them by selling them to marketplace design sites. There are websites where all sorts of graphic designers can sell icons, special logos, and other random illustrations and much more. There are even websites where you can sell entire designed web templates. You should still, of course, double-check the files that you’re selling and make sure that they aren’t at all under the copyrights of any previous clients. Why? Mistakes happen, and it is always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

You can do things like host a skill-share class. What does this entail? Skillshare is essentially a website where people who have certain skill set can teach people who do not. Simple, right? Anyone can apply to be a teacher, and get paid for it — as long as they know what they’re doing, of course. Depending on the number of students you get in each class, your paychecks will vary.

Give consulting a try. Consultants are highly valuable people. They are people with great experience in a few specific niches. If you happen to have a set of skills that other people in that field really want, you can sell them your knowledge. This is also known as e-coaching. It is pretty popular on the internet nowadays, and plenty of people make plenty of money from doing this.

It is highly recommended to know your value. So, charge what you think you’re worth and no less. If you have already done some sample work for a client, and now they feel that they want to hire you for a job, don’t hesitate in asking for the rate that you know you deserve. There are lots of designers — typically in the younger crowd — who never really seem to charge enough. That, or they seriously under-value the level of value in their work. Please, avoid this at all costs! Charging more can also help keep the quality and level of work at a premium.

Start a blog. Make yourself out to be the pro you are, and people will follow accordingly. If you haven’t already begun a blog, then the time is now. Blogging may cost you time and effort, but in the end, it can pay off. You can use your blog for all sorts of things. You can share business advice, design advice, showcase your work, and even write and publish your tutorials. When you have a place on the internet that shows your knowledge and ideas, it can be incredibly valuable in the future. It also attracts clients, referrals, and can even help you begin new relationships with like-minded designers or bloggers. Of course, the more connections you have, the better. Who knows where having these connections can lead to in the future? The possibilities are endless.